How to: Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

postWhether you have expensive palate or favour the flavour of fried foods, a catered wedding is a great way to explore a variety of delicious tastes and share them with your closest friends and family.

What Do YOU Want To Eat?

With a wide variety of brides and grooms comes an even grander spread of catering options.  The first step in finding the right caterer for your reception is to sit down with your fiancé and talk about your favorite flavours.  Start by listing your favourite entrees, then favourite appetizers, side dishes, and desserts.  Then, take a look at your list through the eyes of a nutritionist – what foods groups are lacking or missing altogether?

What Kind of Wedding Have You Envisioned?

Taking a hint from the style of wedding you’re having can make all the difference.  You wouldn’t see eating barbecue off of fine china and drinking beers out of crystal champagne flutes, but, if that’s your thing, go for it!  The same descriptors you are using for your wedding – elegant, bohemian, chic, rustic – will

Wedding Catering Glossary

postA la minute: This is a French term that refers to the preparation of food a very short time before it is due to be served and eaten. A great option at weddings, as food doesn’t have to be stored for long and is therefore incredibly fresh.

Apéritif: An apéritif is an alcoholic drink that is served prior to the main meal in order to stimulate both the appetite and the taste buds. Typically, they are served with light bites such as pâté, breads and olives. The drinks themselves are also light, examples of which include liquors, sherry and champagne.

Appetiser: A light bite or small dish, which is served before the main course. It is believed that something small and light can effectively wake up the stomach and stimulate the appetite to prepare the consumer for the heavier main meal. There are huge ranges of examples when it comes to appetisers and can include anything from bread and butter to canapés.

Buffet: A buffet will generally have a large selection of dishes that is displayed in significant quantities at one or more long

How to: Manage Your Drink on Your Wedding Day

postYou’ve been planning for months- or potentially even years- and of course, you want to remember all the details of your wedding day. A fuzzy recollection, tequila-induced memory loss, and embarrassing photos are perhaps not ideal wedding mementos, much less spending the first day of your married life nursing a hangover. While you can’t control the weather or keep the best man’s dance moves in check, what you can manage is pacing yourself when it comes to alcohol, and ensuring that the beloved tipple doesn’t have an overwhelmingly negative effect on your big day. In short, here are our easiest-ever tips and tricks to follow.

Eating Isn’t Cheating

Your mum always told you not to skip breakfast, and this happens to be a rule you should remember on your wedding day. Even if you’e experiencing a dramatic case of butterflies or you’re thinking about fitting into your dress, if you’re going to drink, then you need to eat a proper meal. Otherwise, you could face getting drunk unusually quickly or becoming ill once you begin drinking. Breakfast should include protein, like

Wedding Catering FAQs

postThere are a number of questions that will often come to mind whilst you are planning your wedding catering, so to make it easier for you we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and provided answers to each of them.

How far in advance should I begin to search for / book my caterer?

Your caterer should be booked as early as possible, and should be one of the first things on your “to do list.” Caterers are restricted in the number of events they can attend, and generally speaking, the best companies get booked up quickly. To guarantee the catering company you want is available on your big day, you should be looking to book as far as 9 months to a year in advance.

Should my catering company be insured?

Your catering company should have insurance, because gaining a catering license is dependent on the company having liability insurance as well as having met standards set by the Department of Health.

Which is more expensive: a buffet or a sit-down dinner?

Wedding Catering Checklist

postA celebration isn’t much of a celebration without food. Your wedding day is definitely the mother of all celebrations, and as such, a feast is in high order. With so many themes and flavours to choose from, not to mention special diets to consider, it can be a headache to choose a menu and arrange catering, especially if you leave things to the last minute. Following this checklist will ensure that you don’t forget any important details, and that your guests are utterly satisfied by the end of the party.

This checklist is, of course, only a guideline. Each caterer works to a different timeline and some caterers book up faster than others. If you have less than a year until W-day, follow these steps, in relatively the same order, but adjust the timeframes according to the terms that your caterer is willing to work by.

One Year to Go

• As soon as your darling pops the question, it’s time to start looking for venues and caterers – often, the two come hand-in-hand.

• Give some careful thought to the

A car for wedding: Tips on choosing one

A car for weddingThe truth of life is that to the majority of us the opportunity to ride on a beautiful, expensive car appears only in special cases and a wedding is the case when we should indulge ourselves, and ride at least once on a shining limousine, solemn business cars or even on a Dodge Charger, why not? In this article, we are going to tell you about what cars you can rent and describe some advantages and disadvantages of them. Buckle up!

In general, car rental offers should be divided into the categories described below.

A limousine is a car on an extended basis, with a closed body and a wall between the front seats and the back seats. Inside, one can find all sorts of accessories: a bar, a TV, a sound system, as well as a ceiling with the “starry sky”, effect, etc .. The seats in these cars are usually decorated with leather, and it is very comfortable and convenient to sit in them, but there is also a disadvantage: usually it is

3 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos for Your Destination Wedding

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is choosing where to pledge those all important and heartfelt vows to the person with whom you intend to spend the rest of your life. Then, choosing a destination can also prove one of the most stressful decisions as wherever you choose will become a place you forever hold dear to you and think of as the place where you and your other half become one, united family.

Further, you might be forgiven for then thinking choosing a destination wedding would make deciding where to get wed all the more stressful, as it literally opens up a whole world of possibilities. Fortunately there is one way to not only alleviate all that stress but as well bag the best wedding day in one of the world’s best locations, and that is to consider making Turks and Caicos the location of your destination wedding, and here are three reasons why.

Wed Wear the Stars Do

What do Bruce Willis and Emma Heming, Brian Ferry and Amanda Sheppard and as well Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner all have in common? Well, aside from being world famous, having

Viral content an online sensation result of social triggers

Viral content is something that becomes an online sensation all of a sudden. The tweets and the status posting have given a move to the viral content. But a question that arises that from where these types of contents evolves and what makes them go viral? Well there is no clear answer to this but one can find many people who create such contagious contents and post them on social media to viral them.

Following are the best ways can be opt to let the content go viral

  • The content that creates positive vibes is more of a viral nature than those which are negative. Imagine an image that creates a sense of pressure in the mind and then ask yourself whether you feel it to be worth sharing.
  • Content that wakes up the high arousal emotions is more viral than contents which are without emotions.
  • The worth and the usefulness of the content enable it to go viral. If people will find it useful than they will viral it. Suppose there is an amazing recipe on the social site than there are chances that women will share it further because it is useful to various other females out there.

How to create a contagious

8 Ways To Propose To Your Bridesmaids

It’s the time that your wedding is coming soon and you are busy as a bee working on it! Time for you to pop the question and to call forces by proposing “Will you be my bridesmaid in my wedding?” to your best friends and loved ones.

There will be lots of works your bridesmaids have to deal with, so they have to be the ones you can rely on. However, as if they will give you a helping hand, you should to treat them the best and may have little gift and sweet invitation.

These are a few memorable ways to ask your close friends to become your bridesmaids, just take some times on them!

  1. Puzzle

A “Will you be my bridesmaid?” keepsake puzzle that will surprise your friends who you asked. Just give them some clue letters and they will be able to solve. It can also be framed and cherished as a keepsake afterward.


  1. A secret box

Give them a secret box with hiding a secret message is such a fun surprise! Slip your message and some confetti inside of a balloon. This will

Is a Hog Roast Right for Your Wedding?

Everyone wants his or her wedding to be perfect. For most couples it is the most important day of their lives, so they want to make it as memorable as possible. A big part of making sure that the memories are good is getting the reception right, which means serving good food, and plenty of it.


If you are still deciding what type of food to serve at your wedding, we urge you to consider making a hog roast part of your celebrations. It really is a great option. Read on to find out why.

It is impressive

The sight of a whole pig turning on a spit will add a touch of theatre to your event. It looks great, smells wonderful and, most importantly, tastes fantastic. A whole roasted hog makes a great centrepiece for any wedding feast.

Roasted meats taste great at any time of day

People love eating roasted meat and are happy to do so at any time of the day or night. If you are planning a wedding breakfast, a hog roast is a good option. The meat stays warm for

How to choose the right dress with the most suitable neckline

Buying your wedding dress is the most significant part of the wedding preparation for any bride. It can as well be one of the most puzzling phases of the process. That’s why you need start choosing your dress very attentive. First of all, think about the silhouette or the general style of your future dress to choose from. Then make your choice concerning the appropriate train, or hemline, that you wish to have. As a final point, you need as well to pick the suitable neckline, the top of the dress that covers the bust part.

So, if you select the right neckline, you’ll look magnificent. On the other hand if you choose the wrong one, you can end up either looking top heavy or even lacking in the chest. As a result, all of these patterns might be likely to cause you some serious difficulties in your wedding day.

Take into account that the neckline is the top part of the dress that makes accent to the chest area. Nowadays there are many various wedding dress trends 2016 fashion experts offer, that are designed to draw attention to different features of your body.

That’s why, firstly you need to come to

Beautiful Designer Anarkali to Look Gorgeous in Party

Whenever you need to attend some party or wedding occasion, you always feel confused about what to wear. Many of you often not feel comfortable wearing saris or other traditional dresses to parties. You look for something different to wear which is both modern and traditional in look. To solve out this problem of yours here are few types of designer Anarkali suits, which you can wear comfortably and look gorgeous in any part you go to attend.

Types of Designer Anarkali

Traditional Anarkali

Traditional Anarkali suits are very much in these days. They are usually comprised of heavy embroidered work on the choli, and they are also available in various patterns. The best part of traditional Anarkali is that it has long lasting material, and it remains just like new even after many washes.

Pakistani Anarkali

This Anarkali suit is one of the designer Anarkali suits available in the market. Pakistani Anarkali suits are for those who love to wear something unique. The embroideries done on it gives a glimpse of Pakistani culture with thetrendy and gorgeous design. The best part of Pakistani Anarkali suits is that it is available

The Duties of the Best Man

So one of your best bros is finally tying the knot, and he’s picked you to be his best man. Congratulations! It’s a high honor to be picked to be the stand-up guy for your friend. But being a best man is more than just standing up next to the groom on the day–there are plenty of other responsibilities that come with the gig. You definitely want to let your groom know that his trust in you wasn’t misplaced. Read on to find out how you can avoid being just the second-best man.

Before the Wedding

Fortunately, grooms traditionally don’t do as much wedding planning as the bride, so you won’t get dragged along to florist appointments and cake tastings (although the cake tastings are pretty great). But you do have a few before-wedding duties to perform.

The best man should ride herd on the other groomsmen to make sure they’ll be ready for the day. Make sure everyone gets scheduled for a tux fitting. You can even plan it as an outing for all the groomsmen. You can go together, get fitted, and then grab a beer afterward. It’s also traditional for the groomsmen to go in together on a gift for

Keep Your Dresses New And Clean Forever By Choosing The Best Cleaning Factory

Most of the people find difficult to clean their wedding dresses. For them the best solution is given by the best company in Toronto and nearby areas. The   company “Love Your Dress” uses the excellent technology for cleaning. It also provides the best services with the help of the passionate and well experienced staff. And they also provide an excellent wedding gown repairing and cleaning services in Canada. Though the company has more experience in this field, they are the most efficient and effective wedding gown strategies and   techniques for cleaning. They also set the new standards in this field. The company has more than 25 years of experience in cleaning the wedding dresses. The staffs of the company love their work so people cannot find the best company compared to “Love Your Dress”.

The experienced persons in the company will easily remove the difficult stains from the wedding dress. But some of the people come to eh company with some doubts that whether the company will clean their valuable wedding dress in a well manner. The professional staffs once finish the cleaning process and they show the dress to the customer they can see the delight

Marriage Celebrant Checklist

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just invite all of our loved ones to our big day, rock up at the venue, kiss to seal the deal, and live happily ever after? The other elements of your wedding can, by all means, be a fairy-tale. Unfortunately, in the real world, a kiss does not fulfil the legal requirements of marriage.

Enter: wedding celebrant. A celebrant is like the fairy godmother of legalities and paperwork. Without a celebrant, there is, essentially, no marriage. Your celebrant will not only arrange all of that fiddly paperwork for you, they will also conduct the ceremony and, hopefully, add a unique element to your special day.

With a bit of research and time management (this guideline should help you, in that respect), you can find a celebrant who will, not only, perform all of the legal duties of the ceremony, but will also provide marriage insight, mesh well with you and your partner’s personalities, and perhaps even become a friend.

One Year to Go

• If you’re planning on getting hitched during peak season, it would be a wise idea to start meeting with celebrants now.


Not So Simple: Standing Positions During Your Ceremony

There are so many finer details that matter when it comes to planning your wedding, and one of these is where you, the groom and the bridal party stand. If you want the traditional – and some unorthodox – options, read on!

What you might not know is that there’s an interesting little tale behind this custom, and it goes way back to Anglo-Saxon England. To set the scene I should inform you that it was common practise for men to kidnap, and then marry women from neighbouring villages. To prevent this from happening, the fiancé would use his bravest and most fearless friend as a sort of bodyguard, who would fight off any jealous rivals until the couple wed. The friend is the modern-day best man, and because the groom was anticipating having to draw his sword with his right hand, and then fight, the bride would stand on his left so he wouldn’t accidentally wound her. One does wonder what happened to left-handed swordsmen, but I digress.

Christian Weddings

We’ve moved on from this decidedly more combative age, but this tradition has stubbornly remained. Perhaps modern brides like the idea that their grooms

How to: Choosing Your Celebrant

Between your dress, the flowers, the canapés and the weather, there are so many details of a wedding that a bride needs to consider; but one of the most important is who solemnizes the wedding. He or she will set the tone for your day, and they’ll always be the person who officially made you husband and wife.

Deciding on a celebrant can be a challenging decision, which is why we’re here to help you. There are two different elements you need to consider before you select your marriage celebrant: legal and personal.


To be legally married In Australia, the ceremony must be performed by an authorised celebrant, but you may choose whether you want a civil or religious ceremony. There are four types of celebrants with this authority:

– A Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant who performs a religious ceremony, for an independent religious organisation.

– A Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant who conducts a civil ceremony, for people who may have religious beliefs, but who choose not to get married in a religious building.

–  A Minister of Religion who conducts a religious ceremony, and who belongs to a recognised

Cutting Down on Your Catering Costs

In most cases, wedding catering is the largest expense for a wedding. Aside from the cost of the food itself, you’re paying for beverages, kitchen staff, waiters, cutlery, and crockery rentals, and potentially extra decorations. But this should not cost you an arm, leg, and your firstborn. If you’re working within a tight budget, read on for our simplest and most effective tips.
1. Do your research and do not be afraid to ask questions. 
Many venues who include catering in their quotes have a bit of flexibility when it comes to their budget. Try asking if there’s any compromise you can reach, such as bumping the number of attendants to get an overall better price on the food. If you’re organizing your venue separately from your catering service, ask the venue for popular recommendations. Call around and see which companies work best within your budget, and which are most flexible. Those that will not budge are simply weeding themselves out – chances are that they’ll be inflexible in other respects too. The main idea here is to simply find where to get the most bang for your buck.
2. Order your wedding cake. 
Many people today will order their cakes from a professional

Wedding Celebrant Glossary

Church wedding: a wedding ceremony which is performed in a place of worship, by a religious minister.

Civil celebrant: a civil celebrant is a person, outside of the church, who is legally able to marry couples and facilitate wedding ceremonies. A civil celebrant can perform wedding ceremonies in almost any location.

Intent to Marry: a form which must be submitted to the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages, at least 30 days prior to the wedding.

Interfaith Ceremony: a wedding between a couple from different faith backgrounds, which may be difficult to facilitate in a church. A civil celebrant can flexibly work with the couple to incorporate aspects of both faiths into the ceremony.

Legal Wordings: the words which must be spoken by the celebrant, prior to the vows being spoken, to make the marriage legal. There are certain words which must also be spoken by the bride and groom as they exchange vows, to make the marriage legally binding.

Minister: a religious leader who is able to legally marry couples and facilitate wedding ceremonies. Ministers usually include religious wordings during the ceremony and may only perform ceremonies inside their church or place